When I started writing in this space, didn’t realise that ruminations, musings, and expressions would gravitate to dealing with the environment — because everything is linked in Nature, and any disturbance affects everything on the planet — and possible solutions. Have suggested solutions, after observing why most solutions are not working. It’s mainly because holistic solutions are not being implemented, and each solution generates a further set of problems. Nature works as a whole and not in parts.

It’s always easy to criticise, but hard to suggest solutions, because that requires an effort. Just like it is easy to say ‘Ban X’ or ‘Stop Y’, which are actions taking place at a point where a damaging situation cannot be allowed to continue further.

However, the effects of the situation which led to the ban or the stoppage have to be dealt with, and reduced to zero, which is possible in the main.

Integrated Soilless Farming Projects

This is a composite image of a farming project, which has been planned as a Seed-to-Finished Product, community impact project with zero pollution and zero waste. Salient points:

  • They use about 5% of the water used for growing the same produce on a conventional farm; very important when nations around the globe are facing water shortages.
  • They provide pesticide-free produce.
  • Enables food security for communities.
  • Provide healthy freshwater fish at a time when rivers and seas are polluted.
  • Biomass is used for providing compost to conventional farms, or processed for electricity.
  • Generate direct and indirect work opportunities through supply of horticultural produce, fresh and processed.
  • Value added to flowers by extraction and supply of essential oils.

This is how projects can be designed, so that their environmental impact is zero. Each piece deals with an environmental situation and a suggested solution, which benefits communities as a whole.